Studio 2.0 Silver Hinges

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Beats Model Number : B0500/B0501.


Looking to buy a brand new replacement set of silver headband right and left hinges for your Studio 2.0 headphones to replace your lost, disconnected, or broken ones? FixABeat has an affordable and quality silver Beats Studio 2nd gen wireless hinges replacement that will get your headphones back to normal. With hinge issues, you may be experiencing a disconnected set of headphones that will not stay fit to your head or one side staying connected to the other side. The price of the Studio 2.0 silver hinges is much more cost effective than going out and buying a new set of headphones.


Both Sides, Right, Left

12 reviews for Studio 2.0 Silver Hinges

  1. Teresa Miller

    Worth the money

  2. Deborah Butler

    The parts work for my beats headphones as advertised.

  3. Marie Williams

    Looks the same as the original. words great too. I’m happy

  4. Sara Russell

    Perfect fit and no problems

  5. Catherine Wright

    I constantly used my beats headphones while at work, gym, and outside activities. This site helped me get back to it.

  6. Louise Watson

    This was a perfect replacement for my old one that was shredding and super messy.

  7. Judith Simmons

    Cheaper than buying a new set

  8. Phyllis Perry

    Product is a very nice replacemen

  9. Joshua Gonzales

    I sabotaged my pair of headphones as I noticed this part was compatible.

  10. Cheryl Moore

    I would buy again the future.

  11. Craig Herrera

    it fits, and it\’s comfortable

  12. Julie Price

    you can’t see the difference between this one and the one is broken

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