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Have you got those awesome Beats Headphones and some parts of it have got defected due to some reasons. So now to give you some comfort Mixr has come up with the parts of Beats Headphones which can replace your old defected parts and turn on the awesomeness of your life with those Beats Headphones once again. Mixr has now the following replaceable parts for your Beats Headphone.

If the cable of your Beats Mixr has got defected then you can replace with the new Mixr Aux Cable, which come in the original gold plated 3.5 mm jacks with the built in microphone and volume control. Mixr ear pads will bring back your comfort of using the Beats Mixr, like the brand new ones, whenever your ear pads get old or cushion foam getting defected by continuous use. Did the headband of your Beats Mixr just break or you want to customize your Headphones with a new color? No problem, new replaceable Beats Mixr headbands are now also available!