Studio 2.0 White Headband Padding

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Beats Model Number : B0500/B0501.

Looking to buy a brand new replacement white headband padding for your Dr. Dre Beats Studio 2.0 headphones to replace your torn one? FixABeat has an affordable and quality Beats Studio 2nd gen white headband cushion replacement that will get your headphones back to normal. With a worn out white headband pad, you may be experiencing discomfort while wearing it. The price of the white Studio 2 Beats headband pad is much more cost effective than going out and buying a replacement set of headphones.

19 reviews for Studio 2.0 White Headband Padding

  1. May Townsend (verified owner)

    They feel almost as comfortable as the original Beats pads

  2. Pete Barnes (verified owner)

    They worked great for my beats headphones.

  3. Bettie Vogel (verified owner)

    Fit beats. Good

  4. Kimberly May (verified owner)

    Great replacement no complaints

  5. Alan Price (verified owner)

    Came with all that I needed

  6. Nelson Sullivan (verified owner)

    It was easy to install after viewing a YouTube video. I

  7. Judy Bennett (verified owner)

    Work well good product

  8. Dennis Collins (verified owner)

    They fit perfectly and are actually very easy to replace.

  9. Rosanne Marin (verified owner)

    Easy install

  10. Penny Lawson (verified owner)

    This item really saved my money for what I considered were ruined beats.

  11. Ronnie Herrera (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, nice color, official beats replacement piece.

  12. Eddie Mccarthy (verified owner)

    It was easy to install!

  13. Joan Hall (verified owner)

    The replacement fits perfectly onto my beats

  14. Genevie Wu (verified owner)

    Replacement part looked just like the factory Beats headphones

  15. Evelyn Cooper (verified owner)

    I sabotaged my pair of headphones as I noticed this part was compatible.

  16. Todd Hill (verified owner)

    There are both working good

  17. William Sanders (verified owner)

    Fits, looks, and feels good.

  18. Jose Hansen (verified owner)

    It made my son\’s Beats like new again

  19. Brenda Evans (verified owner)

    \”This was easy to repair my beats! Working great now.

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