Studio 2.0 Red Ear Pad Cushions

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Beats Model Number : B0500/B0501.

The red Beats Studio 2.0 by Dre headphones are some of the best around. They deliver unparalleled sound quality and are one of the most popular brands of headphones today. The only downside to them is their cost. When you consider all the technology that goes in to them the cost becomes easy to deal with, but it does make replacing them an issue.

If the unfortunate happens and your Beats Studio 2.0 red headphones lose their ear pad cushions there’s no need to drop several hundred dollars on a new pair. Just drop a lot less on some replacement cushions to get your headphones back in tip top shape.

These red ear pad cushions for Beats by Dre work with most Studio 2.0 versions of Beats, but not the first generation. They’re just as high quality as the Beats headphones and come with everything you need to breathe new life in to your Beats.

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