Studio 2.0 Red Ear Pad Cushions

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Beats Model Number : B0500/B0501.

The red Beats Studio 2.0 by Dre headphones are some of the best around. They deliver unparalleled sound quality and are one of the most popular brands of headphones today. The only downside to them is their cost. When you consider all the technology that goes in to them the cost becomes easy to deal with, but it does make replacing them an issue.

If the unfortunate happens and your Beats Studio 2.0 red headphones lose their ear pad cushions there’s no need to drop several hundred dollars on a new pair. Just drop a lot less on some replacement cushions to get your headphones back in tip top shape.

These red ear pad cushions for Beats by Dre work with most Studio 2.0 versions of Beats, but not the first generation. They’re just as high quality as the Beats headphones and come with everything you need to breathe new life in to your Beats.

19 reviews for Studio 2.0 Red Ear Pad Cushions

  1. Catherine Wright (verified owner)

    Would strongly recommend this product for anyone who is trying to replace their old parts

  2. Curtis Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, excellent quality

  3. Benjamin Clark (verified owner)

    Great Item was able to repair my broken set of Beats headphones.

  4. Laurette Dugas (verified owner)

    Fits my Beats. Not perfectly but nearly seamless.

  5. Jean Henderson (verified owner)

    Quality materials and good value for money!

  6. Douglas Turner (verified owner)

    Very easy to make repair to beats head set and saved me money from buying new one

  7. Alice Watson (verified owner)

    Would definitely recommend to anyone needing to fix their headphones.

  8. Benjamin Evans (verified owner)

    I quickly ordered them and started preparing to figure out how I’d actually change them. Much easier than I thought.

  9. Edward Thomas (verified owner)

    It fits but not like original manufacture\’s material or color, softer and squishy but durable.

  10. Tiffany Knight (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Looks and feels like the original ones.

  11. Judy Jenkins (verified owner)

    Perfecto para los beat solo by Dr. Dre

  12. Julie Hernandez (verified owner)

    From what I can tell these are identical to the Beats brand.

  13. Ronny Feliciano (verified owner)

    Product came as expected. Fit perfectly

  14. Grant Larson (verified owner)

    The part holds well, just as well as the original part.

  15. Sol Schaefer (verified owner)

    you can’t see the difference between this one and the one is broken

  16. Jose Jones (verified owner)

    Works like new 👌would recommend.very easy to install

  17. Tonja Bullock (verified owner)

    It was ok

  18. Michele Evans (verified owner)

    I’m glad I had these replacements were available on hand

  19. Ervin Jefferson (verified owner)

    It fits but not like original manufacture\’s material or color, softer and squishy but durable.

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