Studio 2.0 Gold Headband Connector Tabs Set

(19 customer reviews)


Looking to buy a brand new replacement set of gold headband connector tabs for your Studio 2.0 headphones to replace your lost, disconnected, or broken ones? FixABeat has an affordable and quality gold Beats Studio 2nd gen wireless connector tabs replacement that will get your headphones back to normal. With connector hinge issues, you may be experiencing a disconnected set of headphones that will not stay fit to your head or one side staying connected to the other side. The price of the Studio 2.0 gold connector tabs is much more cost effective than going out and buying a new set of headphones.

19 reviews for Studio 2.0 Gold Headband Connector Tabs Set

  1. Ruthann Ali (verified owner)

    Looked great out of the box

  2. Scott Wood (verified owner)

    They work great and fit perfectly

  3. Justin Parker (verified owner)

    I bought this to fix my broken Beats and now my headphones are good as new;

  4. Kimberly James (verified owner)

    Such a great price for a wonderful replacement.

  5. Karen Jackson (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was expecting

  6. Denise Torres (verified owner)

    Excelente producto

  7. Chris Jenkins (verified owner)

    My dog got ahold of my beats and chewed the headband and ear pads off them.I thought I was going to have to purchase new ones, but I came across FixABeat!

  8. Lawrence Patterson (verified owner)

    Looked great out of the box

  9. Grant Larson (verified owner)

    Product is a very nice replacemen

  10. Emily Henderson (verified owner)

    It was excellent quality, nice and smooth material

  11. Craig Herrera (verified owner)

    Work very good with my beats headphones.

  12. Phyllis Perry (verified owner)

    The replacement fits perfectly onto my beats

  13. Stephanie Robinson (verified owner)

    They aren\’t exactly as the original so but still deserves good stars.

  14. Katherine Morgan (verified owner)

    This was a saving grace to me as I needed multiple parts for my Beats by Dre

  15. Richard Bush (verified owner)

    will definitely be back for my other beats replacements when the time comes

  16. Willie Reed (verified owner)

    Works like new

  17. Ethel Singleton (verified owner)

    My Son was able to fix his Beats headphones like New!!

  18. Benjamin Clark (verified owner)

    It fits but not like original manufacture\’s material or color, softer and squishy but durable.

  19. Willie Beck (verified owner)

    I’m glad I had these replacements were available on hand

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