Studio 2.0 Black Ear Pad Cushions

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Beats Model Number : B0500/B0501.

You love the amazing sound experience that you get from your incredible Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Sometimes using these headphones often will lead to wear and tear which will cause the black ear pads on your headphones to break down. Instead of throwing out your current pair of Studio 2.0 headphones and splurging on a new one you can just buy some replacement ear pad covers. Easy to install, these Studio 2.0 cushioned black ear pads are built for your comfort, allowing you to enjoy hours of amazing sound quality uninterrupted by pressure and rubbing on your ears. Built to be securely in place, you can use these replacement covers for when you are working out, that is a better alternative than your earbud headphones from falling out all the time as you are running. Take advantage of these replacement black ear pad covers and continue to enjoy your black Studio 2.0 Beats by Dr. Dre headphones in comfort.

19 reviews for Studio 2.0 Black Ear Pad Cushions

  1. Monique Garrett (verified owner)

    Just make sure you watch a couple of YouTube videos before hand, it can be a little fiddly

  2. Isaac Chavez (verified owner)

    Fixed parts on my beats, now they look new

  3. Jonathan Howard (verified owner)

    My headphones are like brand new. Fit perfect on my beats and very easy to change

  4. Debra Wright (verified owner)

    Great replacement for beats

  5. Johanna Sutton (verified owner)

    Used for my Beats headphones, they were a godsend.

  6. Leigh Sweat (verified owner)

    Works great, the price is a plus.

  7. Christopher Cook (verified owner)

    For the cost of is acceptable

  8. Van Padilla (verified owner)

    They were pretty easy to install and they did the job until I accidentally broke my headphones again

  9. Beula Waite (verified owner)

    It was exactly like advertised and came right on time!!!!

  10. Imogene Briones (verified owner)

    If I need another one I will definitely buy again.

  11. Alan Nelson (verified owner)

    I purchased broken Beats from someone, then I got it fixed through here

  12. Ervin Jefferson (verified owner)

    Worth the money

  13. Shirley Wood (verified owner)

    As described

  14. Bunny Winn (verified owner)

    Works wonderfully!

  15. Paula Flores (verified owner)

    I bought this to fix my broken Beats and now my headphones are good as new;

  16. Enrique Hopkins (verified owner)

    Bought to fix my beats headphones and they work well.

  17. Martin Anderson (verified owner)

    It does the job, easy installation and replacement.

  18. Percy Salazar (verified owner)

    As described

  19. Jeremy Griffin (verified owner)

    No one can notice this was a replacement part.

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