Studio 1.0 White Battery Cover

(40 customer reviews)


Lost your white colored battery cover or broken it for the Dre Studio Beats headphones? Don’t let your music die down on you just because of a cover! You better have this new white replacement battery cover for Beats by Dre Headphones Studio. Without the white battery cover, batteries have no home and nowhere can you keep the music to yourself. This replacement battery cover is just the perfect fit to your amazing Beats Dre White Headphones Studio. Its classic but cool white color speaks of so much beauty and you will love the exceptional quality. This OEM battery cover works like brand-new. Expect long-lasting durability and you and your Beats Dre Headphones Studio will be together longer! So take this Studio all for yourself and continue the journey to your music life. Don’t let a battery cover kill the vibe. Look no further and let this replacement battery cover save you. Keep grooving to the beats and keep on surrounding yourself with the greatest artists singing just for you!

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