Studio 1.0 Red Headband

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Based on reviews, this replacement headband for the Studio 1st Gen Beats headphones is great being it an aftermarket headband part. This Dr. Dre Beats headband is made specifically for the Studio 1 model only. They will not fit on any other Beats models. Currently, the only headband replacement for the Beats Wireless comes in red. For a low price like the part you see here, it is a much better alternative than having to buy a new set of Dre Beats Studio 1st Gen headphones that are still in the original glossy and same great quality. One thing missing from this order is an Allen wrench to loosen the band from the rest of the Beats Studio red headphones. Aside from that, cheap with fast delivery is not such a bad idea when it comes down to trying replacing this headband for the beats.

Part Located Overseas

Price Includes $19.99 Delivery Fee

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