Solo3 Satin Gold Ear Pads

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satin gold Solo3 replacement ear pad cushions

Brand new replacement satin gold Beats Solo 3rd gen wireless headphone ear pad cushions are made up of quality and soft foam, which will give you the original comfort. These Solo3 wireless gold ear pad cushions are soft, durable and of high elasticity to provide the same original feel again and very easy to install. With our quick processing on the replacement satin gold Solo 3.0 ear cushions, you can get back to enjoying your music and podcasts quickly and comfortably.

23 reviews for Solo3 Satin Gold Ear Pads

  1. Yvette Scott (verified owner)

    Product as describe.

  2. Penny Hernandez (verified owner)

    Great replacement for the price.

  3. Arthur Cooper (verified owner)

    My headphones looks as new again, easy to install.

  4. Cheryl Howell (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, easy install, amazing look

  5. Isaac Rogers (verified owner)

    Works great, good quality, would order from this supplier again.

  6. Cynthia Robinson (verified owner)

    Worked great foe my grandsons beats!

  7. Mark Hernandez (verified owner)

    Everything was good quality and fit like OEM.

  8. Lana Mitchell (verified owner)

    my headphones are back to being as good as new!

  9. Jean Adams (verified owner)

    I chose this particular vendor because I like the free shipping

  10. Judith Simmons (verified owner)

    This was a great buy. Easy fix. Looks great

  11. Guadalupe Swanson (verified owner)

    Just like oem

  12. Arthur Butler (verified owner)

    No one can notice this was a replacement part.

  13. Karen Ramirez (verified owner)

    Easy to install and comfortable, great replacement.

  14. Cynthia Robinson (verified owner)

    I saw YouTube directions and did it myself.

  15. Todd Bell (verified owner)

    Haven’t used them in 4 years, took 10 min to change, and now they’re perfect again!

  16. Paul Flores (verified owner)

    Watch a few YouTube videos before ordering. There\’s a few methods.

  17. Kevin Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Love that the parts are easy to replace and don’t break the bank.

  18. Allan Higgins (verified owner)

    I got one used and it still perfect the one at to was the real one and one at bottom is the one I put on little light but good

  19. Kathleen Richardson (verified owner)

    This sites and its replacement part saved me about $179 in repairs from Apple.

  20. Francis Rodriquez (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the money and super easy to install.

  21. Jason Baker (verified owner)

    They keep my headphones working now

  22. Craig Edwards (verified owner)

    Great price but customer service is alright

  23. Willie Beck (verified owner)

    There was nothing to dislike, I used this product to replace headphones that warranty just expired.

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