Solo3 Club White Ear Pads

(23 customer reviews)


Brand new replacement club white Beats Solo 3rd gen wireless headphone ear pad cushions are made up of quality and soft foam, which will give you the original comfort. These Solo3 wireless club white ear pad cushions are soft, durable and of high elasticity to provide the same original feel again and very easy to install. With our quick processing on the replacement club white Solo 3.0 ear cushions, you can get back to enjoying your music and podcasts quickly and comfortably.

23 reviews for Solo3 Club White Ear Pads

  1. Annette Williamson (verified owner)

    It fit well thanks

  2. Herman Murray (verified owner)

    My dog got ahold of my beats and chewed the headband and ear pads off them.I thought I was going to have to purchase new ones, but I came across FixABeat!

  3. Nicholas Curtis (verified owner)

    very nice and sturdy

  4. Jeremy Powell (verified owner)

    Headphones are like new again.

  5. Jackie Howard (verified owner)

    My dog chewed up my headphones and this piece saved my headphones! Very easy install.

  6. Sarah Kelly (verified owner)

    Worked as it should easily installed

  7. Amy Manning (verified owner)

    Perfect replacement for the original part!

  8. Stephanie Robinson (verified owner)

    Works great

  9. Teri Mccormick (verified owner)

    This was exactly what I needed and at a very reasonable price.

  10. Eunice Yates (verified owner)

    very nice and sturdy

  11. Tina Morgan (verified owner)

    Product replacement works great

  12. Asia Ewing (verified owner)

    This item is awesome.

  13. Shane Jenkins (verified owner)

    Was super easy would recommend

  14. Genevie Wu (verified owner)

    I got one used and it still perfect the one at to was the real one and one at bottom is the one I put on little light but good

  15. Oscar Ballard (verified owner)

    They look just like the picture.

  16. Mamie Vasquez (verified owner)

    This item is perfect to fix my beats

  17. Lori Miller (verified owner)

    My beats headphones were beaten up pretty badly so I tried to DIY then back to life by purchasing replacement parts from here and it was perfect

  18. Spencer Mckenzie (verified owner)

    This was easy to snap on to the beats earphones.

  19. Janyce Shepherd (verified owner)

    I looked for a replacement with no success until I came across this site

  20. Paulette Hamilton (verified owner)

    No issues at all. Easy installation. Provided all pieces needed!

  21. Geoffrey Bowman (verified owner)

    saved me 200$ from getting repair from apple

  22. Holly Chavez (verified owner)

    My order was delivered on time, and was very well packed.

  23. Judy Lopez (verified owner)

    The part holds well, just as well as the original part.

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