Solo3 Bluetooth Motherboard

(23 customer reviews)


Bluetooth board chip for the wireless Solo3 headphones

Beats Model Number: A1796

Looking to buy a brand new replacement Bluetooth board for your Solo3 headphones to replace your nonworking circuit board? FixABeat has an affordable and quality Beats Solo 3rd generation wireless Bluetooth motherboard replacement that will get your headphones back to normal. With a malfunctioned board, you may be experiencing Bluetooth connection issues on your Solo3 headphones. The price of the Solo 3.0 Bluetooth board is much more cost effective than going out and buying a new set of headphones.

23 reviews for Solo3 Bluetooth Motherboard

  1. Laura Torres (verified owner)

    Super fast free shipping best prices on the net best return policy

  2. Wilson Garner (verified owner)

    Just like the original.

  3. Enrique Hopkins (verified owner)

    They work great and fit perfectly

  4. Debra Morgan (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, easy install, amazing look

  5. Genevie Wu (verified owner)

    The makings seem a little light and cheaper but I\’m happy

  6. Israel Saunders (verified owner)

    This replacement is made of good quality material , best thing about it was how easy it is to put together

  7. Bruce Nelson (verified owner)

    Works like a charm, working as intended.

  8. Fred Medina (verified owner)

    Exact match and perfect fit.

  9. Eric Oliver (verified owner)

    No issues at all. Easy installation. Provided all pieces needed!

  10. Saundra Corbitt (verified owner)

    Seems to be good quality.

  11. Neil Stewart (verified owner)

    These fit perfect and make the headphones look literally brand new.

  12. Emily Henderson (verified owner)

    Not bad thank FixABeat

  13. Howard Lopez (verified owner)

    Easy to install. replaced my old beatup parts.

  14. Edra Cousins (verified owner)

    Fits great, feels good, and very affordable

  15. Melinda Franklin (verified owner)

    Just what I needed!

  16. Elvira Frazier (verified owner)

    with these the headphones hold better on my head

  17. Lawrence Reed (verified owner)

    I bought this to fix my broken Beats and now my headphones are good as new;

  18. Ilana Beal (verified owner)

    Fits my Beats headphones perfectly.

  19. Julie Price (verified owner)

    This sites and its replacement part saved me about $179 in repairs from Apple.

  20. Mattie Ramirez (verified owner)

    Quality product and packaging

  21. Leigh Sweat (verified owner)

    Perfecto para los beat solo by Dr. Dre

  22. Audrey Cross (verified owner)

    The parts were very easy to install, although this was the second time I had to purchase it.

  23. Catherine Diaz (verified owner)

    my son was going crazy without his headphones you made it possible for him to stop going crazy he loves his music

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