Solo2 Blue Glossy Headband

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Replacement Blue Glossy Headband for the Beats Solo 2nd Generation for Wired and Wireless Models

Beats Model Number B0518

Looking to buy a brand new replacement blue glossy headband for your Dr. Dre Beats Solo 2 wired/wireless headphones to replace your broken one? FixABeat has an affordable and quality Beats Solo 2nd generation glossy blue headband replacement that will get your headphones back to normal. With a broken blue headband, you may be experiencing a very loose set of headphones that will not stay fit to your head or they are simply broken in half. The price of the glossy wired/wireless blue Solo 2.0 Beats headband is much more cost effective than going out and buying a replacement set of headphones.

12 reviews for Solo2 Blue Glossy Headband

  1. Gregory Davis (verified owner)

    Just what I needed for my Beats

  2. Lori Young (verified owner)

    I’d order again.

  3. Eunice Yates (verified owner)

    Replacement part looked just like the factory Beats headphones

  4. Tiffany Knight (verified owner)

    Good replacement

  5. Nicole Young (verified owner)

    Just what I expected.

  6. Amy Manning (verified owner)

    I’ve order these before and they were a perfect fit. So naturally I came back for more.

  7. Ana Howard (verified owner)

    Love that the parts are easy to replace and don’t break the bank.

  8. Scott Foster (verified owner)

    Durable, easy, useful

  9. Irene Edwards (verified owner)

    My dog chewed up my headphones and this piece saved my headphones! Very easy install.

  10. William Cook (verified owner)

    Purchases these for both Beats headphones…..very very easy to install.

  11. Jesse Sanchez (verified owner)

    I\’ve only had it on for a day but wow this was super easy to install and everything quality,

  12. Johnnie Snyder (verified owner)

    Great product! DIY saved me a ton of money.

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