Solo Pro Wireless Red Headband Padding

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Everyone knows how good the Beats by Dre headphones are. They are made with quality and care, as well as great audio technology. Unfortunately accidents happen along with natural wear and tear. Eventually the red rubber cushion pad on the Apple Beats Solo Pro Wireless generation is going to need to be replaced. Don’t fret when the time comes as replacing them is easy.

The Solo Pro Wireless red color head rubber cushion pad replacement comes with everything you need to fix your headphones yourself quickly and easily. This specific red replacement headband cushion is compatible with the Apple Beats Solo Pro headphones.

It’s made of premium quality rubber and is easy to affix to the headphones. The red cushion pad align with the mounting posts inside the earcups that your old cushion did. This means it just snaps in to place and restores your Beats to their former glory.

11 reviews for Solo Pro Wireless Red Headband Padding

  1. Kristopher Haynes

    Awesome replacement. No complaints.

  2. Margarita Aguilar

    My daughter is addicted!

  3. Carl Howell

    My son loved it

  4. Jeannie Meyer

    It was a hit!

  5. Justin Schultz

    I may be 65 yrs. young, but I refuse to grow up!!! LOL Just added it to my collection of pranks and silly things!

  6. Frances Harmon

    Bought as a replacement, recipient loved it!!

  7. Miranda Sharp

    Early delivery and a perfect replacement!

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