Solo HD Wired White Glossy Headband

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Glossy white brand new headband for the Solo HD headphones.

The sound quality that comes from Dr. Dre Beat headphones is astounding, allowing you to lose yourself in your music. Over time, your headphone’s band may start to wear from the many hours of usage. Instead of replacing the entire set of headphones which can be quite expensive, you can just replace the Solo headband. Built for comfort this white Beats Solo headband is meant to secure the headphones to your head while at the same time protecting the headband on your headphones. Made from rubber this cushion pad will protect your headphone headband in falls, preventing it from cracking or breaking. Keep enjoying the amazing sound quality of your Dr. Dre Beats headphones while saving you money with this comfortable Solo white headband. These affordable prices won’t last long so get yours before we run out of stock. This product only includes the replacement white headband part and does not include the headphones.

Part Located Overseas

Price Includes $19.99 Delivery Fee

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