Solo HD Blue Glossy Headband


Brand new replacement Solo HD blue headband in glossy material

Is the sound quality of your Beats Solo HD replacement headphones still great, but they no longer fit because of a faulty blue headband pad? Perhaps after an unfortunate lend to a clumsy friend or mischievous younger sibling, your favorite blue Solo HD headphones are now defunct because you can’t find a cheap replacement? Get your groove back on with this brand new, high quality blue replacement Solo HD headband. You’ll find this replacement headband is easy to assemble, comfortable to wear, and stylish, too.

Shipped and sold by a highly qualified vendor this is highly reviewed replacement part is a great way to revive your broken headphones without shelling out a fortune replacing an otherwise perfectly functional piece of equipment. The only thing worse than a broken record is broken headphones – get your Solo HD blue colored headband fixed today.

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