Solo HD Wireless Screws Toolkit

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Set of screws and screwdriver to fix the Dre Wireless headband

If you’ve got a loose set of the Beats headphones, you don’t want to have to buy a new set all over again. You want a cheap, affordable solution. That’s why for all your replacement part needs, you need a replacement tool kit for the Solo HD Wireless Beats by Dr. Dre headphones set. This set includes one screw tool, and eight screws, and eight pins.

This replacement set for the Beats Solo HD Wireless headphones will repair your headband, loose hinges, and more. You get a high quality tool for a very affordable price, so don’t delay. Fix your Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Wireless headphones and start listening to great music once again.

12 reviews for Solo HD Wireless Screws Toolkit

  1. Monique Garrett (verified owner)

    Looks the same as the original. Fits too. I’m happy

  2. Eric Oliver (verified owner)

    Product is a very nice replacemen

  3. Valorie Victor (verified owner)

    I sent my Beats to Apple and they tried to charge me $200 to repair. I said no. I found these online and easily added the parts myself.

  4. Stephen Perez (verified owner)

    I looked online, and found these and decided it was worth a shot. Unbelievably, they worked!

  5. Wanda Harris (verified owner)

    My beats feels brand new .

  6. Wayne Thomas (verified owner)

    Product replacement works great

  7. Doyle Brown (verified owner)

    Came with all that I needed

  8. Bruce Richardson (verified owner)

    I am very happy and recommend it for all Beats headphones

  9. Louise Watson (verified owner)

    They work great and fit perfectly

  10. Garry Floyd (verified owner)

    I constantly used my beats headphones while at work, gym, and outside activities. This site helped me get back to it.

  11. Kathryn Griffin (verified owner)

    The site made it easy to order the correct color.

  12. Margart Chun (verified owner)

    These were a exact match to the original hinges and then I ordered more from the site

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