Solo HD Wireless Black Headband Padding

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Solo HD Wirless 1st Gen black headband padding part

Everyone knows how good the Beats by Dre headphones are. They are made with quality and care, as well as great audio technology. Unfortunately accidents happen along with natural wear and tear. Eventually the black rubber cushion pad on the Beats Solo 1st generation is going to need to be replaced. Don’t fret when the time comes as replacing them is easy.

The Solo HD wireless black color head rubber cushion pad replacement comes with everything you need to fix your headphones yourself quickly and easily. The black replacement part is compatible with the Monster Beats Solo headphones.

It’s made of premium quality rubber and is easy to affix to the headphones. The black cushion pad align with the mounting posts inside the earcups that your old cushion did. This means it just snaps in to place and restores your Beats to their former glory.

12 reviews for Solo HD Wireless Black Headband Padding

  1. Erik Hopkins (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and color.

  2. Benjamin Clark (verified owner)

    Perfect to refresh a set of Beats headphones.

  3. Leon Dale (verified owner)

    This is the second time I\’ve replaced the ear pads on different sets from this site

  4. Bobby Peterson (verified owner)

    Used for my old broken headphones, they were a godsend.

  5. Jason Parker (verified owner)

    It was ok

  6. Phillip Wood (verified owner)

    needed YouTube to install but well worth the trouble.

  7. Kathryn Price (verified owner)

    Fits my old Beats headphones great

  8. Isaac Rogers (verified owner)

    They’re alright.

  9. Marco Baldwin (verified owner)

    Quality materials and good value for money!

  10. Mary White (verified owner)

    Great for my grandchild to fix his own

  11. Shane Jenkins (verified owner)

    Very good quality

  12. Gregory Diaz (verified owner)

    It was a perfect fit and easy to change

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