Solo HD Drenched Matte Red Headband


Replacement brand new part for the Beats Solo HD red headband.

Beats Model Number: MH9G2AM/A

The Monster Beats Red Solo HD headphones are extremely good in terms of sound quality and noise cancellation. Although the red band has been around for very few years (only since 2008), one of the main reasons for its success is its undeniably stylish look and trendy designs. The Monster Beats Solo HD headphones are no different in this regard and have an excellent design that can draw attention. It is important to maintain the look your Solo HD Beats and not have it all taped up. Here you will find the replacement part for the red colored headphone. The fitting is extremely easy and can be managed by anyone since you simply have to pull out the old headband and replace it with the new one. The headband is top quality and looks exactly like the original one.