Solo HD Drenched Red Headband Padding

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The Solo HD Beat headphones are enjoyable, until they no longer feel comfortable. Your Solo HD Drenched red rubber cushion pad may have ripped, worn out, or simply need a replacement for your Solo headphones. Well enjoy the comfort with these Beats Solo replacement cushion pad part for the headphones. The Solo HD Drenched headphone cushion for the for the red headphone cushion will fit perfectly and feel comfortable on your head. Not only will they be the perfect fit for your Beats Solo headphones, but they are an affordable replacement part for the red Solo HD Drenched ear pads. There is no need to buy brand new headphones simply for the comfort when there is this alternative available. Buy these top quality durable rubber cushion pads from Amazon and start listening with comfort again.

24 reviews for Solo HD Drenched Red Headband Padding

  1. Wilson Garner (verified owner)

    Really happy with the purchase

  2. Clarence Perez (verified owner)

    They are of excellent quality and easy to install.

  3. Todd Bell (verified owner)

    doesn’t exactly match the OEM but works and looks great

  4. Monique Holloway (verified owner)

    Easy to install and saved a time of money fixing it my self

  5. Helga Julian (verified owner)

    I’ve only had it on for a day but wow this was super easy to install and everything quality,

  6. Paul Flores (verified owner)

    The parts were very easy to install, although this was the second time I had to purchase it.

  7. Kyle Casey (verified owner)

    not an exact copy but it seems to work

  8. Bethany Wells (verified owner)

    Definitely worth it

  9. Donald White (verified owner)

    Worked perfectly to fix my beats. Easy to install

  10. Evia Roby (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the purchase and fast delivery.

  11. Norma Watson (verified owner)

    Great replacement for the price.

  12. Ralph Smith (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for my beats

  13. Jean Henderson (verified owner)

    Fixed parts on my beats, now they look new

  14. Gerald Mitchell (verified owner)

    They work great and fit perfectly

  15. Rudolph Park (verified owner)

    fit snugly and is a nice product

  16. Judy Bennett (verified owner)

    My husband had got this and found it very easy to use and fixed his broken beats in about 30 minutes not even. Great product.

  17. Bonnie Powell (verified owner)

    with these the headphones hold better on my head

  18. Delores Gilbert (verified owner)

    Perfect. Just like new. Thank you.

  19. Carlos Rogers (verified owner)

    Came with all that I needed

  20. Irene Murphy (verified owner)

    It works perfectly, like I got a new pair of beats.

  21. Penny Lawson (verified owner)

    Just like the original.

  22. Kelly Baker (verified owner)

    I really love it and my beats deserve it.

  23. Van Padilla (verified owner)

    My headphones looks as new again, easy to install.

  24. Bryant Dixon (verified owner)

    Superb quality

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