Solo HD Drenched Purple Headband Padding

(24 customer reviews)


Replacement Solo HD cushion colored purple

Are you looking for a smooth and comfortable replacement cushion pad for your Beats by Dr. Dre Purple Solo HD Drenched headphones? These brand new headband purple pad attachments for the Solo HD Drenched Beats headphones. Not only do they fit perfectly but the colors are sharp and vibrant as well. With six customized Solo headband colors to choose from, you can wear this purple colored pad on one day and another color on another day of the week. Unlike other purple Solo Drenched headband pad, these replacement pads are lightweight and rugged. If your manufacturer pad is hurting your head, this pad is going to cure that headache. The replacement purple pads for the Solo HD Drenched are going to stand the test of time whether you’re going vacation or sitting back in your chair listening to your favorite song.

24 reviews for Solo HD Drenched Purple Headband Padding

  1. Arnold Yates (verified owner)

    Work well good product

  2. Jason Parker (verified owner)

    Came in less than a few days

  3. Steve Rodriguez (verified owner)

    same the original

  4. Betty Gray (verified owner)

    Parts look great and fit perfectly.

  5. Terry Buchanan (verified owner)

    Fits, looks, and feels good.

  6. Rosanne Marin (verified owner)

    No one can notice this was a replacement part.

  7. Judy Lopez (verified owner)

    Works great, good quality, would order from this supplier again.

  8. Melissa Long (verified owner)

    They fit perfectly and are actually very easy to replace.

  9. Anna Hughes (verified owner)

    Good product

  10. Laverne Powell (verified owner)

    The parts fit perfectly and you can\’t even tell its been replaced.

  11. Stephen Long (verified owner)

    I liked that it\’s like the original

  12. Maria Scott (verified owner)

    I’m glad I had these replacements were available on hand

  13. Kesha Reilly (verified owner)

    Easy to install. replaced my old beatup parts.

  14. Jordan Brown (verified owner)

    Probably better than original

  15. Albert Wilson (verified owner)

    It looks and works just like the part I lost, I would definitely recommend this.

  16. Maxine Cannon (verified owner)

    worked great easy to install looks original.

  17. Kevin Roberts (verified owner)

    doesn’t exactly match the OEM but works and looks great

  18. Steve Roberts (verified owner)

    This item really saved my money for what I considered were ruined beats.

  19. Delores Gilbert (verified owner)

    They aren\’t exactly as the original so but still deserves good stars.

  20. Phyllis Cook (verified owner)

    Super comfortable and super satisfied with this product.

  21. Teresa Miller (verified owner)

    Excelente producto

  22. Catherine Cooper (verified owner)

    Will continue to buy from this vendor.

  23. Lasonya Horn (verified owner)

    My son is happy with the process

  24. Brad Reese (verified owner)

    It looks good and the size is correct

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