Mixr White Headband

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Beats Model Numbers: 810-00034, 900-00275-01, 900-00031-01, 900-00025-01, 900-00032-01, 900-00274-01, 900-00277-01, 900-00276-01


At one point, your Monster Beats by Dr Dre Mixr headphones parts could become loose, break, or simply just get damaged from overuse. In such a situation, you do not have to get whole new sets. The Beats Mixr white headband is a quality replacement for your headband. It is made along the same design as the original white Mixr headband ensuring a similar fit and attraction. However, the material is sturdier to offer more protection against falls and regular handling. It has excellent elasticity and a smooth inner lay for comfort when put on.

The finish on the outer layer is excellent and does not scratch easily while allowing for better gripping. Its glossy finish ensures you can always step out in style and also protects against staining. The soldering area of the white headband is easily accessible to facilitate smooth soldering without damaging other areas of the Mixr headband. Not only is the headband easy to install, but it’s easy to clean with just a simple brush using a soft piece of cloth and your white Mixr headband will stay brand new.

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19 reviews for Mixr White Headband

  1. Marcia Norton

    It was exactly as described. Color was just as bright. Worked wonderfully for the replacement I made.

  2. Joy Keller

    It is a nice size!

  3. Joy Keller

    Awesome replacement. No complaints.

  4. Spencer Ferguson

    Perfect, just what we were expecting!

  5. Josh Collins

    Purchased for nephew for Christmas and is still intact months later.

  6. Elias Garner

    You get what you pay for. Its just what I expected for the price.

  7. Dora Sparks

    It is a nice size!

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