Mixr Red Ear Pads

(23 customer reviews)


Beats Model Numbers: 810-00034, 900-00275-01, 900-00031-01, 900-00025-01, 900-00032-01, 900-00274-01, 900-00277-01, 900-00276-01

Are you looking to repair your red Mixr Beats headphone ear pads? We have red ear pads that are ideal for most consumers based on the reviews we read. The ear cushions are comfortable and durable just like the original red Mixr Beats headphones. It’s normal for the red ear covers to become dingy and dirty with normal use. Also simply changing ear pads periodically is necessary for good hygiene every few months. Replacement ear covers are great to improve the comfort of the headphones, especially if the original ear pads are flat from heavy use and simply because they just look much better with brand new pads. This affordable pack comes with two ear pads, so you can replace both at the same time for one low price. The ear pads are easy to install by simply snapping the red pads into place. Even if you want a pair of additional red ear cushions to have on the side is great then you’re making the right choice. Take care of your red Mixr Dre Beats by investing in these spare headphone pads.

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