Mixr Black Headband


Beats Model Numbers: 810-00034, 900-00275-01, 900-00031-01, 900-00025-01, 900-00032-01, 900-00274-01, 900-00277-01, 900-00276-01

Out of stock

Missing a headband on your Monster Beats by Dr Dre Mixr? Or maybe it is damaged and you just can’t play your music like the way you used to? Feeling utterly desperate? Don’t be. This replacement headband top part is what you need to make you feel in tune with your Dr Dre Mixr again. And this one is particularly for the matte black Beats Mixr. This originally manufactured replacement has an incredibly excellent quality and works like the original. It is really easy to put in and assemble, and fits like a glove.  So go back to the beats and the sounds that have become a part of your daily life. Enjoy your favorite tracks once again and listen to that familiar sterling sound quality that only Monster Beats by Dr Dre Mixr can bring.


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