urBeats3 Green Earbud Tips (12 ct)

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Need to replace a lost earphone bud? These antistatic ear tips are high quality replacement parts for your earphones. Don’t throw away or put aside your green urBeats earphones due to missing ear pieces. The green spare earphone buds fit not only the urBeats3 earbuds, but they are also compatible with Monster by Beats earphones including the HeartBeats 2.0 (Lady Gaga’s earphones) and the DiddyBeats. The green in-ear tips of headphones should be changed periodically for good hygiene. These brand new urBeats3 green ear buds come in an organizer case so that you won’t end up with missing ear buds. This affordable set of earbuds comes with 3 of each size (small, medium, and large ear bud tips). If you’re looking on how to replace the green earbuds of the urBeats3, simply twist the earbuds until they are securely in position. A very interesting tip is to drop of water can be added to the rim of the earbud to make it easier to slide it into place.

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