Tour2 Blue Ear Bud Tips

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8 pairs of blue earbud tips

The Tour2 blue ear bud tips can be used with Beats Tour2 In-Ear headphones. It is blue in color made of a fantastic quality and it is super strong. It is designed to isolate and diminish the noise from the surroundings so as to allow a high-intensity hearing. The Tour 2.0 blue ear bud tips are aesthetically perfect. The blue color makes your earphones look more attractive and beautiful. These replacement products are made of a high-quality silicone. Tour2 blue ear bud tips decrease the noise from the environment. This allows a more intensified listening and you can better enjoy your music.

8 reviews for Tour2 Blue Ear Bud Tips

  1. Israel Saunders (verified owner)

    Very happy and would recommend.

  2. Roland Lee (verified owner)

    We had called the manufacturer and they told it will be about $190 to repair. got this piece and repaired at home.

  3. Andrea Bailey (verified owner)

    This was my 2nd fix on these beats as I replaced the ear cushion after so much use.

  4. Leon Cooper (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and easy to replace my broken piece. Headphones are like new again.

  5. Grant Larson (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly and easy to replace

  6. Todd Roberts (verified owner)

    Great value for the money

  7. Dorothy Griffin (verified owner)

    I had to do some research to find the correct model name/ID of my Beats before ordering. Once I figured out which pieces of the old parts I needed, the headphones are good as new

  8. Bunny Winn (verified owner)

    Would definitely recommend

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