Tour2 Black Ear Bud Tips

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The Beats Tour2 black ear bud tips are small tips that can be attached to your Beats Tour2 In-Ear headphones. You can hardly find other tiny black ear buds with better quality than the originals. The black Tour 2.0 ear bud is one of the best ear buds. They have a portable and compact design and protect your ears from the hard surface of the earphones. What’s more, they are soft, succulent and keep you focused on the sound from your earphone. With this, you can enjoy and get closer to your music. The flawless sound quality earphone is also expected to fit perfectly. The Black Tour2 ear bud has a redesigned feature that helps you fit your earphone perfectly for you to enjoy the quality sound from the earphone. Tour2 black ear bud tips protect your ears from the harsh surface of the earphone. With the ear bud tips, you can make use of your earphones without having pains in your ears. However, you should also regulate the volume of your music to avoid pains.


16 reviews for Tour2 Black Ear Bud Tips

  1. Ruby Brown (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and a great company.

  2. Sheila Taylor (verified owner)

    Perfect replacement.

  3. Judy Butler (verified owner)

    The worked great for my beats earphones.

  4. Daryl Rice (verified owner)

    Work well good product

  5. Craig Diaz (verified owner)

    my headphones are back to being as good as new!

  6. Kyle Casey (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend

  7. Judith Simmons (verified owner)

    Thank you! My daughter is so happy her headphone is working great again.

  8. Ralph Smith (verified owner)

    Fits my old Beats headphones great

  9. Luke Lloyd (verified owner)

    Thank God that these parts are inexpensive because my big a$$ head keeps breaking them

  10. Lonnie Klein (verified owner)

    It was a perfect fit and easy to change

  11. Zelda Stoll (verified owner)

    Easy to replace and worked well. I would recommend this item.

  12. Krista Phillips (verified owner)

    Like most Beats products, you\’ll end up doing some repairs

  13. Marlen Croft (verified owner)

    There was nothing to dislike, I used this product to replace headphones that warranty just expired.

  14. Benjamin Evans (verified owner)

    It was very easy to put together and it brought my headphones back to life

  15. Todd Bell (verified owner)

    I chose this particular vendor because I liked that they have everything

  16. Peter Rivera (verified owner)

    Easily fixed a $200 pair of headphones.

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