Powerbeats2 Red Black Control Talk Volume Cover

(16 customer reviews)


Volume cover for red Powerbeats2 earphones

Beats Model Number B0516

Looking to buy a brand new replacement red black volume cover for your Powerbeats2 to replace your lost or broken cover? FixABeat has an affordable and quality Beats Powerbeats 2nd generation red black control talk volume cover replacement that will get your earphones back to normal. With a broken volume cover, you may be experiencing difficulty controlling the volume and music. The price of the Powerbeats 2.0 red black volume cover part is much more cost effective than going out and buying a new set of earphones.

16 reviews for Powerbeats2 Red Black Control Talk Volume Cover

  1. Stan Oates (verified owner)

    this site comes in handy,

  2. Krista Hunter (verified owner)

    Lost mine so this was a great replacement

  3. Robert Henderson (verified owner)

    Saved so much money by ordering from this site

  4. Nora Potter (verified owner)

    Work well good product

  5. Willie Beck (verified owner)

    It was excellent quality, nice and smooth material

  6. Jane Collins (verified owner)

    I’ve only had it on for a day but wow this was super easy to install and everything quality,

  7. Kathleen Richardson (verified owner)

    Thank you for fixing my Beats

  8. Ernestine Sims (verified owner)

    Works just like the original beats headphones

  9. Ryan Gray (verified owner)

    Saved me lots of $!!!

  10. Sandra Holmes (verified owner)

    This fit perfectly I totally recommend it I give my word for it

  11. Maxine Cannon (verified owner)

    Worth it\’s price, it served me for what I needed

  12. George Miller (verified owner)

    Used for my old broken headphones, they were a godsend.

  13. Benjamin Hall (verified owner)

    Fit just like the original

  14. Jordan Brown (verified owner)

    They work as a charm

  15. Walter Davis (verified owner)

    I contacted the seller after their were some issues and they have been very responsive. That\’s a big plus.

  16. Jordan Brown (verified owner)

    After reading reviews from different people, I finally gambled on these as the price was fair and seems like something I could do easily and it worked out great

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