BeatsX Gray Control Talk Volume Cover

(33 customer reviews)


Volume cover for gray BeatsX

Looking to buy a brand new replacement gray volume cover for your BeatsX to replace your lost or broken cover? FixABeat has an affordable and quality Beats BeatsX gray control talk volume cover replacement that will get your earphones back to normal. With a broken volume cover, you may be experiencing difficulty controlling the volume and music. The price of the BeatsX gray volume cover part is much more cost effective than going out and buying a new set of earphones.

33 reviews for BeatsX Gray Control Talk Volume Cover

  1. Tina Perez (verified owner)

    Perfect replacement.

  2. Victor Walker (verified owner)

    So glad this was an option, so I didn’t have to buy new headphones.

  3. Kimberly James (verified owner)

    Perfect fit!

  4. Albert Wilson (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and a great company.

  5. Jimmy Flores (verified owner)

    These parts replacements are amazing!

  6. William Sanders (verified owner)

    worked out better than expected.

  7. Jack Diaz (verified owner)

    Fixed so many issues with this site

  8. Ryan Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great Price for a Product Just Like Original

  9. Gerald Mitchell (verified owner)

    Just make sure you watch a couple of YouTube videos before hand, it can be a little fiddly

  10. Kimberly May (verified owner)

    This item really saved my money for what I considered were ruined beats.

  11. Elena Burke (verified owner)

    No issues to report since purchase.

  12. Laura Ward (verified owner)

    Exactly what I wanted!

  13. Susan Rogers (verified owner)

    Works like new

  14. Lonnie Klein (verified owner)

    Perfect fit on my headphones. Very comfortable, good material. Great product.

  15. Jayne Cato (verified owner)

    Product came as expected. Fit perfectly

  16. Ellen Underwood (verified owner)

    The item arrived with no delay.

  17. Bettie Vogel (verified owner)

    Quick and easy to install

  18. Ted Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    We had called the manufacturer and they told it will be about $190 to repair. got this piece and repaired at home.

  19. Ashleigh Gorman (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, no issues

  20. Suzanna Halsey (verified owner)

    It was easy to install it worked well this purchase was good

  21. Paulette Hamilton (verified owner)

    Product came as expected. Fit perfectly

  22. Kevin Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I looked for a replacement with no success until I came across this site

  23. Paul Coleman (verified owner)

    Purchased to use with my Beats headphones

  24. Malik Heffner (verified owner)

    It looks and works just like the part I lost, I would definitely recommend this.

  25. Ralph Smith (verified owner)

    This product was a replace for a set of headphones and it works beautifully.

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