How To Replace Solo HD Headband Pad

Have you been quite uncomfortable lately with your headphone? Is your rubber cushion worn and torn? Well, don’t worry because you can always replace it and we’re here to show you how! All you need to do is to put the rubber piece or the cushion on your headband by making it fit across the plastic piece below the top part of your headband, at the middle section. Read on and breeze through the replacement process!

  1. Take the rubber piece of the headband and wedge it in between the plastic piece and the headband. Do this by precisely aligning everything up and slowly going across it. Be careful not to leave one piece out because if you do, it will disarray everything.
  2. Go slowly wedging and tightening it on one side. It will take some effort and yes, you do need some patience too.
  3. After having the first piece lined up, flip it over to the other side and do the same thing. The other side is now easier to do. Just make sure though that you still go slowly so that the other side will not fall off.
  4. Once the other side is done, make sure to check the first side to see if it’s okay. Make proper adjustments if there have been some displacement of some kind.
  5. Compress the two sides together when you are done. All should be secured and snug. The rubber piece should have that enlarged and inflated look.
  6. When you put it back on, be sure that you match it up with the little knobs. It has to be properly aligned. Then push it down there. Make sure that it is inserted and put on accurately so that it stays on there. If it is put on correctly, you will hear a popping sound and you may press it down so that it stays nice and secure.


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