How to Repair Solo3 Headband

So to begin, I will be unscrewing two screws on both sides that hold the headband. As you can tell this headband is bent completely, so be replacing it with this headband here. So first thing you want to do is unscrew these two screws right under the cushion. They will not be as exposed like this if your headband did not break was you can tell on this side there right under the headband cushion. So unscrew these screws on both sides. You can just lift it up with the cushion up with like a screwdriver and then unscrew the two screws just like that.

Now, what you will need to do is kind of pull this hinge out a little bit, not too far. And grab a flathead screwdriver and kind of pull this rubber a little bit. It was kind of glued. So you kind of want to pry it up a bit. Get rid of all that glue that’s holding it on the edges here just like this. Okay, we’ll strain it, freed that up. You can use a pry tool to kind of just pry it along this at the edge just like this all the way across. And you can kind of pull this wire out from the headband like this and just pull. So now go to the other side and you can pull this out. Pull the hinge out from the headband and again remove this headband cushion. Be careful, not to rip anything as it can definitely create a tear. So remove both edges just like that. And the headband cushion is removed.

So here is the broken headband. It’s definitely bent and we wanting to replace it. So now I’ll grab this other headband that I have here. It’s in decent condition and we will install it. So start by sliding in one side. Make sure the wire is straight, not too off to the side, just straight up like this. Slide this in. Make sure the left side, your headband states or you read as Beats from left to right. So the B is on the left side. The S is on the right side of the headphones. You can read left to right from right here. There’s L and there’s R. Because if you try to push it in this way, it won’t fit properly. So you’ve got to make sure it’s a one-way fit. Slide the headband in and then same thing here you want the wire to be straight.

So I know there hinge in and you can kind of slide this wire back into the groups of the headband just like that. And now what we can do final step, attach the headsman cushion. So don’t screw in the screws yet. Do the cushion first. So just pop it in starting from one side. Don’t attach or don’t put/slide the little rubber pieces at the edges inside the hinge. So first, we will just go ahead and clamp it all the way around the edge. It just clips in and then at this point you can slide the little rubber pieces in just like that. Flip the cushion. And screw in the two screws on both sides. Make sure you slide those little headband cushion tips in. Once you got that in, you can peel up this here and screw in the last two screws.


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