How to Replace Studio 2.0 Ear Pads

Have you lost your cushion for the headphone? Or maybe you simply want to change it for hygienic or aesthetic purposes. By all means, do so and we’ll teach you how! Taking the ear pad or headphone cushion out for the Beat Studio 2.0 is pretty simple. It takes about 5 minutes or less to replace it…yes, that easy!

1. Go around the ear pad area and pinch or squeeze the ear cushion between your thumb and forefinger.

2.Take precaution when you take out the ear cushion because the material that encloses the cushion onto the plastic ring can tear easily. But that also means that pulling off the ear cushion is really effortless.

3.You can use a double-sided tape to put it back on or if you want a long-term solution and you do not mind taking it off again, then you can use a super glue on it. Take note thought that it can be really sticky.

4.Pull the cushion delicately and directly away from the earpiece.

5. Do the same thing for the other ear cushion.

6. When you put it back on, be sure that you match it up with the little knobs. It has to be properly aligned. Then push it down there. Make sure that it is inserted and put on accurately so that it stays on there. If it is put on correctly, you will hear a popping sound and you may press it down so that it stays nice and secure.



Need Replacement Ear Pads?


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