How to Fix Solo/Solo HD Hinges

If the hinges on your Solo headphones get loose and do not hold properly, you can fix them with a little bit of an effort. This happens to quite a common problem with these headphones. You will need a pair of pliers or cutters with a pointed end.

Now if you look at the hinges closely from the side, you will see that there is a sort of pin with a hole under it. When this pin gets depressed over time it makes the hinges get loose. You need to insert the tip of your pliers/cutters into that small hole and gently push up on the pin. You need to be very careful while doing this since you do not want to break that pin. It is this pin that holds the hinge in place.

After you have pushed the pin up on one side you will have to repeat the same on the other side. Once you have pushed this pin up too you can check the hinge and you will find a marked difference on the way it holds up. This is the simple fix to fix the hinges on your Solo headphones.

We wrote the steps to replace the Beats Solo and Beats Solo HD hinges based on the video below: