How to Fix a Solo HD Speaker

Does your Beats Solo HD by Dr Dre speaker need fixing? Has your speaker snapped or popped out from the headband? Do not feel hopeless because fixing it and putting it back on is no formidable matter. Let these steps guide you. And in no time, you’ll have your speaker back on and your music blaring loud on your ears. Read on and take the necessary actions!

  • Take note of the peg outside and inside. If you don’t exactly know where the speaker part is, this is usually the part where the muff (if your headphone has it) is. It is the bottom part of the headband. This holds the actual speaker in place.
  • Push that peg down to force and move it inside at the same time.
  • Please take note that using a knife will cause scratches on your Beats, so it is best not to use a knife to twitch it all around.
  • Push down with your nail, use all your force, and you should hear a sound or a snap.

And voila,  that’s it! Force is all you really need. So easy isn’t it? Go on and continue dancing with your music.

We wrote the steps to fix the Studio HD speaker based on the video below:



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