How To Fix Solo 2 Not Working On One Side

If you have a pair of Solo 2 Headphones which have one side not working, this is usually due to a broken wire in the headphone. To repair the headphones you will need a soldering kit and a multimeter. Here are the steps you need to take to repair your headphones.

  1. First with the help of a flat head screw driver take of the ear pad carefully. It is held in place with scotch tape.
  2. Next remove the three screws that hold the speaker to the headphones.
  3. Now remove the black tape and you will find screws under it. You need to take these screws off to further dismantle the head phones.
  4. Now take off the plastic carapace from the rubber mounts and remove the glue which covers the wire.
  5. Now you can see the damaged wire up close. Next you need to remove the screws that hold the rubber mounts.
  6. Now you can cut the damaged wire but this will make the wire too short so you will have to pull the wire from another spot with the help of tweezers.
  7. Now you have to prepare this wire for soldering to a new wire so that it is long enough.
  8. Now put the rubber mounts back on with the screws.
  9. Now you can solder the new wire on and isolate it with some electric tape.
  10. Now check and see if the headphones work properly.
  11. After this you need to glue the loose wire to the case.
  12. Now you reassemble the carapace and the solder the wire to the speaker
  13. Next screw the speaker back in place and reattach the ear pad.
  14. Now your headphones are as good as new.

We wrote the steps to fix the Beats Solo 2 that’s not working on one side on based on the videos below: