How To Fix Beats Pill Not Turning On

If you have a Beats Pill that does not power on, you will have to open it up. Here are the steps that you will have to take to repair it.

  1. First you have to take the rubber strip which has Beats Pill written on it pealed back and taken off.
  2. Under the rubber strip you will find Screws holding the Pill together, you will need to undo all the screws.
  3. Next you have to take the center plastic cover strip off. You will need to unsnap it from the Pill.
  4. Next you have to take off the two plastic clips which hold the metal mesh covers in place. You have to take these out carefully since they can break easily.
  5. Now you will need some tool to pry up the metal mesh covers so that you can slide them off the Pill.
  6. Now you can crack the Pill open . This may seem to be difficult but you will have to work on the two parts to crack them open.
  7. When you have split the Pill in half, you can now see the insides of your Pill. Now take a small brush and clean out all the connections and the mother board.
  8. Now you can check and see whether your Beats Pill is working.
  9. If it working you have to put it back together by reversing the steps you took to get it apart.

We wrote the steps to fix the Beats Pill from not turning on based on the videos below: