How to Fix Beats Headband

If you own a pair of Beats headphones and you have broken the headband you really need not worry because it is an easy fix. You will need to get together some tools before attempting the fix. You will need some stiff plastic from some packaging, a knife, super glue, scissors, some rubbing alcohol and some clamps. Here are the steps that you will need to take to repair the headband of your Beats headphones.

  1. The first thing that you need to clean the break and the surface of the headband thoroughly. You can use the rubbing alcohol to clean any grease or dirt that maybe on the headband as well as the break in the headband.
  2. Now you can cut the plastic in the width of the headband. You will need this piece to be about one and a half inches long. You will need to trim the edges of the plastic piece so that there are no sharp edges.
  3. Now when you look at the break you will see that there are some flat surfaces on the underside of the headband.
  4. Apply the super glue to the flat surfaces under the break and also to the broken edges of the headband.
  5. Now squeeze the broken headband together so that the glue holds it in place.
  6. Next you will need to apply the super glue on the top surface of the headband the same length as the plastic piece that you have cut.
  7. Next attach the piece of plastic on the top of the headband covering the break.
  8. Now clamp the plastic piece to the headband with the clamps and let the glue set.
  9. Now your broken headband is fixed.

We wrote the steps to replace the Beats Headband based on the videos below: